I weep

Dear God

I can’t contain myself there is so much pain in my heart that it causes me to weep, I don’t know if my weeping is equivalent to Jesus’ Christ in John 11 verse 35, but all I know is I am broken in me.

Oh Lord I am weeping because of this times we are living in, where sin is just accepted and classified to be a normal lifestyle.
I am weeping because your people no longer know how to pray for themselves but they only need laying of hands and prophecy.
I am weeping because greed and selfishness has covered the world.
Father I am weeping because we are now in the generation of “I receive” and “Bless me” not that it’s bad but what about the spirit.
I am weeping because we are so much focusing on feeding our physical needs and we have neglected our spiritual beings.
Jehovah I am weeping because we seat among sinners and we sin ourselves then we quote “don’t judge”
I am weeping because we want things to be the way we want them to be otherwise we run straight to the devil’s arms.
I am weeping because we are in the generation of people running house to house looking for our will and not yours to be done in our lives.
I am weeping because we are living in a generation that My father you are no longer honoured let alone feared.
I am weeping because we have turned away from your presence to please our selfish desires and love is no where to be found.
I am weeping because we have no or little revelation of who you are and no desire to please you but only our friends.
I am weeping because we have made everything about us.

Go along

I have been insulted but I am expected to ignore.

There are so many bad things people including friends and loved ones do but they don’t expect a reaction in return all you have to do is just to keep quiet and go along with everything not even to Express your emotions even if it hurts inside.

Don’t get me wrong, silence is most of the time the best answer but sometimes you need to talk. Well some with my personality or should I say character, take a lot of what people say into consideration but i can answer back, I have hinted to you that i have the characteristics of an introvert. Sometimes i really want to speak but when someone has concluded that i am the one on the wrong side why try to convince them, Yea, definitely that’s the kind of attitude i have.

When you eventually start talking you now become a sinner who is just trying to justify their sin, and the smoke turns into fire, what then do you have to do?🤔, well personally I express everything with tears, sometimes it looks like you are weak and people usually don’t understand but if it helps you inside then do it, rather than being eaten up by a cancerous tumour.

People with this type of personalities (quiet and accepting the crucifixion) always like to be alone to avoid of the blame and the hurtful things people say, but this earth, you are bound to have people are you. Get Courage and be Strong.


Saying goodbye to someone you love is not easy, whether it’s permanently or temporarily, when you are used to having that person around and suddenly you have to adjust on not feeling the presence of that person, is just a horror to the heart, and it may possibly lead you to do something that you are not supposed in order for you not to feel the pain.

Well growing i had to experience the pain since mom was working far from home but i thought if i get older i will not feel such a pain anymore since i will be a big girl but it doesnt make a difference, and i realized that feelings don’t mature, you can be an 80 years old lady but still cry when your loved ones depart. Trust me, it can also bring stress sometimes, but hey, it’s life we cannot be with the people we love all the time, so we just have to learn to cope with it.

True Love

True love still exists, there is a man who loves you for who you are, he understands your flaws, He forgives your mistakes no matter how big or small it is, He gives you whatever you need, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is, i mean he can even die for you infact he did but he is superman because He rose up from the dead, and his name is Jesus Christ. His love is unconditional and He loves YOU truly.

Why fear?

Sometimes i am super afraid going into ministry or even thinking about it, because of the wolves and mr and mrs “know it all” out there. Yes i am well aware that people’s opinions should not matter in one’s life but they sure have an impact, i have seen people attacking other ministers calling them names, i don’t know how their ministry started and i wasn’t there when God called them so i cannot judge saying if they are true or false, but the way people are dealing with it is so hurtful to me, i don’t know to them, so i just cannot stand the idea of people calling me fake and questioning how i do things.

If I’m called i will let God takeover everything, because honestly we may judge from the outside but we dont know the pain that these men and women are feeling.

Be an inspiration

You don’t have to be a wealthy or well known person to inspire someone but the way you live your life can. Inspiration May be good and bad for example, if the kind of life you are living is not pleasing someone might see you and wish to have that kind of life because he or she may think that it is the right why to live depending on how vulnerable they are but be a good inspiration to people